Business and Real Estate Consulting With a Twist

Invest internationaly

Invest internationaly

Prominence Capital Advisors LLC has added pizazz into business consulting by integrating business planning and hands-on problem tackling, AND we added fun into real estate investing by focusing on interesting “bargains” and low-risk/high-yield real estate developments in undeveloped and exotic parts of the world. Our hottest new project: “Immigration Business Investing” opens doors to investors all around the globe to obtain US green cards within 2 years while we are developing for them profitable businesses of their choice on a “drip budget”.

Our passion while exploring the world for good deals – ESPRESSO AND CREPES! We love espresso and we love crepes even more. We are of the opinion that there are only a few places in every city (if that) that know how to produce a awesome semi-sweet cup of rich espresso. Crepes are a different story … where can you eat a delicious, scrumptious crepe? On this blog we will keep you posted on the places that do it right. Come with us and explore.

2 Responses to “Business and Real Estate Consulting With a Twist”

  1. Why does not anybody in Monrovia know how to make a good cup of Espresso?! At a few places they have quality equipment but no one was properly trained to work them. Starbucks traditionally bitter, Coffee Bean seems to be the best … and they do not charge for Internet access!! 2 more businesses on Myrtle listed for sale … how many vacancies are we going to have in Old town by the end of the year?

  2. Hanging out on the West Side today. Culver City, CA … Metro Diner on Washington Place. I am pleasantly surprised by the courteous staff and a menu out of this world. They have interesting crepes choices and “yes”, awesome espresso. Thumbs up! What really shocked me: all guests are just talking about food as they wait for their favorite dish to arrive … crazy!

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